After some months of public disappearing it’s time to show up our faces again. We know we didn’t give as many answers as you guys would need but it wasn’t a waste as WetSponge is almost finished.

What is WetSponge?

It’s how Gaelito answered to the needs to fix most of Spigot Bugs. Neither MultiSkyWars nor EggWars, SPIGOT BUGS. Most of the problems came down because we were using minecraft functions which were not well coded on Bukkit neither on Spigot so it was almost impossible for us to fix most of those bugs but only paliating them. Then we talked about migrating our plugins entirely to Sponge as it would be a really cool solution, that’s why we included Sponge support. But after working with Sponge we saw that it was, by far, better coded than Spigot. But as you may know, it would be really difficult to change a whole network to use Sponge instead of Spigot but… What if we give developers a new API to code plugins? Then Gaelito started to gestate WetSponge, a whole new API which will be a bridge between Plugins and Servers. Developers now don’t have to worry about what function will work on Sponge and not in Spigot or the other way around. They just code it using WetSponge and this API will ‘transform’ the plugin to work within any of those servers.

But right now is just a little baby who needs care, love and teaching. A really hard run which will need not only our experience but a lot of help of people, so it’s time to test, look for bugs and fix them.

Let’s start a new Minecraft Server Generation!