What do you think we do?

That’s an easy question with an easier answer: We code Minecraft Plugins. Here you will find information and links about plugins and other tools we made.

And don’t forget to take a look to WetSponge, our new API which will let you use our plugins in both Sponge and SpigotMC. Also, if you are a developer we encourage you to use it and help us to make it better. Let’s make a new minecraft-plugin coding standard!

[News] WetSponge Official Launch

At least!

We are glad to announce that the time has come, we officially launched the stable version of WetSponge! You can get it on the SpigotMC Site. But we are not only glad to announce this full version of WetSponge, in which you will be able to do almost anything you can imagine, also we closed the beta status and released the stable build of our EggWars Plugin, which will be on the biggest offer you will ever find, from 15th of January to the 1st of February you’ll be able to buy our EggWars plugin for only 5USD! [Read More]

[News] WetSponge #2

Going on with WetSponge!

Well, it’s time to show up our progress so we freed WetSponge to public. You can access the svn clicking here. Also you can download the latest test versions here, just click on the Download Icon and choose “Download ‘built_plugin’” (below ‘Artifacts’). If you are a developer, you will be able to import WetSponge and take a look at its Javadocs to check out how it works and should be used. [Read More]

[News] WetSponge #1

What is WS and its status

Well, let start explaining what is WetSponge. It’s a whole new and powerful API for developers to let them make their plugins compatible with Spigot +1.8 and Sponge +1.9 Before you think that’s it, it also gives a new powerful system to call for Spigot events, optimizing and adapting to Java8 some of its methods. Also it gives you custom functions to get and use attributes and events not processed by default by Spigot or Sponge. [Read More]

Starting up!

Gaelito and IhToN are coming back

After some months of public disappearing it’s time to show up our faces again. We know we didn’t give as many answers as you guys would need but it wasn’t a waste as WetSponge is almost finished. What is WetSponge? It’s how Gaelito answered to the needs to fix most of Spigot Bugs. Neither MultiSkyWars nor EggWars, SPIGOT BUGS. Most of the problems came down because we were using minecraft functions which were not well coded on Bukkit neither on Spigot so it was almost impossible for us to fix most of those bugs but only paliating them. [Read More]